TikTok, Shopify, and the Future of Social Commerce
TikTok, Shopify, and the Future of Social Commerce

E-commerce is at an all-time high and there is no expectation for that trend to reverse. In 2020 alone, assisted by the societal shifts caused by the pandemic, e-commerce in the US grew by a whopping 44%. In the same year, two of the world’s hottest companies, TikTok and Shopify, announced a partnership. This was hardly a coincidence. Social commerce has seen huge growth, driving up profits, and contributing to the rapid growth of online sales.

So here is a refresher on social commerce, how we got to today, and what lies “in store” for our future.

What is Social Commerce?

Social media has…

Everything You Need to Know About Headless Content & Commerce

In 2019 the World Wide Web turned 30 years old. Things have come a long way since Tim Berners Lee first submitted a proposal, titled “Information Management”, to his superior at CERN. So it seems quite fitting for the web to be going through a major transformation as it hits the big 3–0. 🥳

There has been massive innovation in many areas of the web platform including JavaScript, the web’s scripting language, modules, components, and web application architecture in general. One methodology that is rightfully gaining a lot of momentum and publicity is “Headless Architecture”. …

The Power of a Customer Data Platform
The Power of a Customer Data Platform

It wasn’t very long ago that sales data analysis was exclusively for the big dogs — companies with thousands of employees who could afford to have a whole department that did nothing else. That’s changed. Digital businesses, of all shapes and sizes, have more data than ever before and spread across multiple owned properties, services, and platforms. It’s not only useful but imperative to understand and model against that data to truly understand the customer journey.

So let’s take a look at the rise of the CDP and how you can leverage their power to make smarter business decisions.

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?


The Machine-led, Cookie-less Future of Online Advertising
The Machine-led, Cookie-less Future of Online Advertising

Online advertising is heading toward a major shift in trajectory — A complete rethink of a model that is the product of a Wild West era in the industry’s growth. Users have been gradually becoming more aware of their online privacy and recent regulations are setting the foundations for a very different future. Brands need to be thinking about these shifts now and preparing accordingly. One thing is for sure, a future-proof data and media strategy has privacy at its core with AI and machine learning leading the way.

Until now, marketers have relied on third-party cookies to track users’…

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